Chrystals Story

In 2000, Chrystal was diagnosed with Buerger’s Disease at the age of 21. After a hard 10 year battle, 19 surgeries, and loosing half her foot, she won that battle. In April, 2011, Chrystal was diagnosed with stage 2B Breast Cancer which has spread into her lymph system. On April 15 She underwent a radical mastectomy, lumpectomy and removal of 9 lymph nodes. Less than 2 weeks later, a new large mass was found and she had a total hysterectomy on May 4. Anyone who knows Chrystal Salesman, knows she doesn’t know the word defeat. She takes being Mom to her 7 year old daughter very seriously and she will fight and DEFEAT anything and everything that tries to get in her way. May 7th, with her torso stitched & stapled from top to bottom, she was coaching 3rd base for her daughter’s softball team! Her determination and fortitude are beyond compare!The medical expenses far exceed the limited insurance coverage available to Chrystal. The best part of our community is our ability to band together and support those in crisis. Spread the word!